PreSeason Maintenance Agreement

PreSeason Maintenance Agreement

What is included with the PreSeason Maintenance Agreement?

Our PreSeason Maintenance Agreement is a Semi-Annual Service. We perform all the maintenance tasks that are listed on the Preventative Maintenance page. Which includes replacing the 1" Merv 8 Pleated Air Filter, on each system, per visit. Typically scheduling the Air Conditioning Maintenance Appointment Spring/Summer and the Heat Maintenance Fall/Winter approximately six months apart from the first appointment.

What are the benefits of the Preventative Maintenance Agreement?

  • 10% Off Parts, Labor & Diagnostic Fees
  • Priority Scheduling, during normal business hours, over non-agreement customers
  • Includes one (1) Merv 8 Standard Pleated Air Filter per unit, per visit
  • No Overtime Fees for service calls placed on a night, weekend or holiday
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service, 365 Days a Year

Do I have to remember to schedule my appointment every six months?

We understand that most everyone has a busy schedule so we have three different methods to help you remember when to schedule your maintenance appointment: Post Card, Email, Telephone.

How do I schedule my maintenance appointment?

You can schedule your maintenance appointment by:

Call our office during normal business hours Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm - 803-799-1717

Email us : marys@efmartin.com

Why do I have to have maintenance on my unit?

The Manufacturer’s warranty states that it the responsibility of the customer to maintain their system by having it serviced a minimum of once a year by a licensed professional or they have the right to deny all claims. It is now becoming common for the factory to require proof of these services. If you cannot provide such documentation then they will deny your claim.

With each new install E.F. Martin will cover your first year of preventative maintenance. Following that initial year it is your responsibility to either enter into a yearly service agreement or to call in and have a non-contract service inspection completed annually.